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Marisa and Italo
owners of
Cascina Carrà
Marisa and Italo Anselma, Cascina Carrà

A short history

The story of Cascina Carrà began in 1986 on 6 hectares of family land, to which Italo and Marisa soon added an equal number of vineyards.
The farm is located in Monforte d'Alba, in San Sebastiano. In the Langhe, a place that is as suited as it is renowned for its noble wines. This area is a corner of paradise, more than anywhere else nature has maintained the right balance here. To the advantage and above all to the vineyards, which do not need the contribution of human science.
We do not practice biodynamic viticulture, but we have learned some of its characteristics which we apply in our vineyards.
We firmly believe that the respect we give to the land is punctually reciprocated through quality.
Thus, we transform our wines by combining innovation and tradition.
We use both large and small Slavonian oak barrels for ageing. And then barriques, tonneaux and steel barrels.

Why Carrà?

The name of the street leading into the courtyard is 'Via Carrà'.
The term 'via Carrà' certainly refers to the ancient nomenclature of certain wine jars: the 50-litre 'Brenta' and the 600-litre 'Carrà', i.e. 12 50-litre barrels.
The 'Carrà', therefore, was a special oval cask, mounted on a special animal-drawn cart, and this beaten earth road was the driveway for transporting the wine to the widest transit road.